Air Travel Rules: Are They Different For Those With a Disability?

When planning to take a trip, by way of airplane, there are a number of different factors that you should consider. One of those factors includes whether or not you have a disability. Even if you do not have a disability, you also need to be prepared if you are traveling with someone else who has one such as tile floor scrubber. This preparation does not just include packing your bags for your trip, but it is also includes familiarizing yourself with air travel rules. Although most of the rules are the same, you will find that some rules differ for those who have a medical condition or a disability.

The first step in preparing for a trip with someone who is disabled, whether that person be yourself or another traveler, is to alert the airline. When making your reservation, you may want to inform the airline staff of any disability or medical condition that you may have. Although this is not necessary, it may be a good idea, especially if you will be traveling with medical equipment. Extra accommodations will need to be made for those who are traveling, past airport security checkpoints, with wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Learning what you will need to do with these items, ahead of time, is a great way to make your travel plans run as smoothly as possible.

It is also a good idea to famialrize yourself with the airport screening process. All individuals will need to go through medical detectors. If you or someone who you know is traveling with medical equipment that will set off the alarms, it is likely that they will be pulled aside for additional screening. This screening should only take a few minutes, but it will be done by a trained professional who will show compassion when dealing with those with a disability.

Unlike most other air travelers, who at this time are required to remove their shoes, those with a disability can leave their shoes on if they choose to do so. However, it is important to note that you may be subject to additional screening. To prevent this additional screening from occurring, you are advised to remove your shoes, if at all possible. In the event that you are unable to, it will not be a big ordeal. In fact, the additional screening often requires a quick swipe of a metal detector wand.

In addition to those with a disability, most airports have made special arrangements and exceptions for those who have a medical condition, especially one that requires medication at a specific time. You are allowed to keep your medication with you, in your carryon luggage, but you are advised to keep the dosages in small amounts. Due to the current ban on liquids, you are advised to have the proper medical identification. This means that you should keep your medication in the original package, especially if your name is on it. To be allowed through to the next checkpoint, your name will have to match the name of the prescription bottle. If it does not, there is a chance that you will have your medication confiscated.

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind you or your traveling partners, who may have a medical condition or a disability, should easily be able to make it to your intended destination. In the event that you are unsure about a particular screening procedure or if you have any other questions, you are advised to contact the airline in which you will be flying on or the airport that you will be leaving from, before your arrive there. Planning ahead is the best way to make your next flight a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Finding Cheap International Flights On The Web

I love traveling. And I am not referring to the annual trips to the same uninteresting places. What I am talking about is trips to exotic destinations, which almost always means traveling abroad.

This is undoubtedly an expensive proposition which is further complicated by the continuous rising of aviation fuel. All these have made me very careful and wise.

Thus, the first thing I have been doing consistently for some time now when I am planning a trip is to search cyberspace for cheap international flights.

Due to the many prejudices that exists with regards to cheap international flights, I simply cannot proceed without shedding more light on some of the blatant falsehood that is associated with this.

The most important misconception is one that infers that when you get a discount tickets for overseas trips, you will end up flying on a nondescript airline with a blighted safety record.

This is simply not true. In fact, the reverse is almost the case because with a little bit of luck, you can even secure seats on your favorite airline that is leaving from the airport that is closest you.

The next warped tale about cheap international flight is that any one who holds such tickets will have to fly standby, an euphemism for your non departure at all. This is the reason why I am writing this; to debunk the misconceptions, and further inform you that it is very feasible to save substantial money on overseas trips even when you buy a seat of your own.

The last of the misconceptions is the one that says that the only method you can use to obtain cheap international flights is when you claim to be a student or an elderly person.. Again, this is wide off the mark. Anyone that is smart enough to take advantage of the offer can benefit from the discount tickets.

Okay, you are now aware that you can indeed benefit from cheap international flights, what next?

Where can you find them ? in most cases these discounts airline tickets can only be found on various travel sites online. However, majority of the websites you come across will be only offer straight discount travel services.

What this means is that your intended departure and arrival dates must be fed into the database of the website, to get a list of the cheapest fares that are available on the stables of all airlines on those dates.

These fares of course will be much cheaper than the one the airlines will quote if you telephone them directly. Wondering how I got to know this? Because I actually checked! This method is one of the easiest way to get cheap international flights.

Some websites uses a bidding system for their cheap international flights. Just like the normal bidding process you are familiar with, you will specify the amount you are willing to shell out for your plane tickets.

And after about two days you will almost certainly receive an e-mail informing you whether you bid was successful or not.

While this is also a good way of finding cheap international fare, you must realize that any amount you specify is a binding offer, and will be penalized if you try to renege on it.

The disadvantage of this is if you happen to find a better deal later on, then it is your rotten luck! Just as when your bid on cheap international flights is too low, your offer will be rejected.

If you are savvy enough, these few information is enough for you to develop your technique of getting cheap international flights for all your future vacations.

Since I don’t pay full fare for my airplane seat, the extra cash can be used for other useful and memorable things on the journey. You can also enjoy this privilege in no time if you adhere to the tips.


Stay Healthy And Fit On Your Next Vacation!

Most vacations will derail your exercise and diet program faster than you can say “eat-all-you-can hotel buffet”. You want to relax, have fun, indulge. You don’t want to think about calories or getting enough cardio. You don’t want to think, period.

So you spend hours lounging on the beach, feasting on pina coladas or chips. However, the low activity and high fat and sugar diet not only packs on the pounds, but can make you feel sluggish and tired. That’s why so many people return from a vacation feeling anything but refreshed.

So how can you stay fit and still have fun during your vacation? No need to squeeze your Pilates DVD into your luggage—just take a trip that incorporates a lot of physical activity in a fun way, copper fit gloves or bring blood pressure monitor!

For example, in Sonoma County, there are nature trails where both beginners and experienced hikers can spend hours exploring one of the most beautiful forests in the world. You’ll barely notice your cardio workout as you walk under the boughs of century-old trees, or navigate up a hill to get a breathtaking view of the vineyards below. It’s fun, but it’s healthy too—and who knows, when you get back, you’ll feel inspired to hike regularly. (It’s so much more scenic than 30 minutes on a treadmill.)

Avoid the high-sugar dessert buffets and fat-laden burgers. A trip to the countryside is a great opportunity to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Sonoma County’s farm trail, for example, takes you through some of the most abundant agricultural centers in the country. After seeing the animals or learning about the different food manufacturing processes, you can buy organic produce picked just hours before. After you’ve tasted some of that food, you’ll never want to eat another oily pizza again.

Or, you can combine both outdoor activity and great food by having a picnic in one of Sonoma County’s many parks and reserves. The Redwoods, an 805-acre park, has many benches and barbecue grills. Work up an appetite while playing with your kids under the shade of its ancient Redwoods. Dine al fresco, under the California’s famous blue skies. You can also visit the Fort Ross State Park, or the Muir Woods.

The point is that you don’t have to stay in bed the whole day to rest and relax. Why not take a walk in a serene forest to clear your head of the pressures at work? Or talk with your kids or spouse as you explore the different trails, your conversation uninterrupted by TV or the cell phone.

All it takes is to find a place with attractions that encourage fun physical activity, like Sonoma County. Be sure to schedule your trip during months when the weather is sunny but cool, pack comfortable shoes and clothes, and protect your skin from the elements with a strong sun block and a big, floppy hat. (Hey, you’re tourists—you’re supposed to look a little silly.)

You can also ask your travel agent to point you towards hiking tours or nature reserves, and provide you with maps of the area. Have a fun—and fit—vacation!


The 10 Most Luxurious Hotels In America

Attempting to list America’s top ten luxury hotels will always be difficult, since there are many criteria by which to judge hotels – whether they are best for business travellers, holidaymakers, families and so on. That said, here is a list of hotels that should meet the demands of the most discerning luxury traveller.

Four Seasons – Los Angeles
Billed as European grace combined with Beverly Hills style, The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles features a landscaped, rooftop pool and Jacuzzi and a luxurious full-service spa with a steam sauna. The award-winning Gardens Restaurant offers California-Mediterranean cuisine. In every room there is a high-speed Internet connection, and the hotel is ten minutes by car from downtown Hollywood.

Grand America Hotel – Salt Lake City, Utah
In downtown Salt Lake City, the 24-storey Grand America Hotel has 775 luxurious rooms and suites that feature European-style furnishings, with stunning views to the Rocky Mountains. There is a world-class spa and the fitness centre leads to indoor and outdoor pools. The in-house audio-visual systems are state-of-the-art and the popular Garden Café features American seasonal cuisine.

JW Marriott Camelback Inn – Scottsdale, AZ
This well-known Scottsdale resort, set on 125 acres of landscaped desert, includes a 36-hole championship golf course, two heated swimming pools, a luxury spa, and a large conference facility. There are 453 spacious, Pueblo-style ‘casitas’, including 27 suites, some with private pools. Resort restaurants include Golf Grill, Hoppin’ Jacks, and Sprouts.

Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown – Washington, D.C.
Located in Washington DC’s fashionable Georgetown district, with 86 guest rooms and suites, the Ritz-Carlton merges contemporary and historic architecture. Within walking distance of many shopping districts, fine dining choices, trendy nightclubs, and the waterfront, the hotel is also only minutes from the Kennedy Centre. There are meeting facilities for up to 90 people, and a fourteen-screen movie theatre.

Ritz-Carlton  – Central Park South, New York
With expansive views of Central Park and extraordinary, personal service, this 261-room and 48-suite hotel is much in demand by celebrities and royalty. Elegant rooms and suites are lavish, with fine furnishings and all amenities. French cuisine is served at the Atelier restaurant, and beauty treatments are available at La Prairie salon.

The American Club – Kohler, Wisconsin
The American Club is less than an hour’s drive north of Milwaukee. Luxuriously appointed rooms are finished to the highest standards and include the latest audio-visual and communications facilities. The award-winning golf courses, Blackwolf Run and Whistling Straits, give preference to hotel guests. The spa packages include rejuvenating services, and their annual cooking and wine demonstrations attract wine and food enthusiasts from far and wide.

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel – Seattle, Washington
Listed on the National Register, The Fairmont has been Seattle’s top luxury hotel since it opened in 1924. Located in the heart of Seattle, The Olympic combines impeccable service with 450 beautifully appointed rooms, and its two award-winning restaurants have a top reputation for fine cuisine. Nearby attractions include the famous Pike Place Market, Seattle Waterfront, and Space Needle, plus many theatres, restaurants, and shops.

The Greenbrier– White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
Since 1835, a succession of U.S. Presidents has spent their summers here. Accommodation includes estate houses and 803 individual rooms. All accommodations have top-line entertainment systems, refreshment bars, lighted vanity mirrors, individual heating/air conditioning, and access to high-speed, wireless Internet.

The Phoenician – Scottsdale, Arizona
Exceptional service and breathtaking scenery make The Phoenician a top luxury resort. Guests enjoy an $8 million dollar art collection, spa treatments and the Southwest’s most spectacular golf course. The gilded lobby has valley views, and large well-appointed rooms are finished to the highest standards. Guests can also receive massage therapies, skin and body treatments and expert hair and nail services.

Walden Country Inn & Stables – Aurora, Ohio
The Walden, set on 32 acres around a 175-year-old barn and silo, has 25 luxuriously appointed suites that include full audio and televisual facilities. In-room services include massage and a maid service. Popular for relaxing getaways, weddings and executive retreats, visitors enjoy world-class dining, inconspicuous service and a wealth of activities such as an equestrian centre, a spa and a theatre.

A Review Of Airline Tickets & Travel

Airline travel is not as pleasant as it used to be!

Over the last few years as airline profits have been squeezed by rising fuel costs, frequent flier programs, security etc. airline travel, if you want to do it at a reasonable price, could be likened to the cattle-truck effect. Planes have got smaller, the number of seats has been increased and in-flight service, especially meals, has become almost non-existent. Now, I do not blame any of the staff, this has become of today’s realities.

So! What can you do?

I have written a series of articles with tips, tricks and information which, I hope, will help to make your flying experiences a little less stressful and more enjoyable.

To be able to use some of these tips you will have to plan and be willing to be flexible. You will have to shape your flight around airline programs, it’s not going to happen the other way round. I have been able to save a lot of money by being able to fit within a certain flight schedule which would not have been one I would have normally taken. In the long run it really didn’t make any difference to the experience of the trip.

To further make it easier on yourself make sure that you are the airport in plenty of time. On most occasions you will find that security checks will be much quicker and easier. Also, book your flight online as it’s very simple these days. You will be able to, if you do it far enough ahead, choose your own seat. I love this service, as I happen to have a large frame,I like to have an aisle seat which will give me more shoulder room. This also helps you get through the luggage check-in a lot faster as you can also print out your boarding pass as well.

I hope you will be able to use some of the information and put it to some good use. Happy Flying.

Find accommodations in Asia.

Where To Find Cheap Airline Tickets Online

When traveling the biggest thing you have to deal with is airline ticket. And most of the airline ticket are not always cheap. Finding a cheap airline ticket would be a neat skill to learn. This is also where the internet comes in handy.

So how do these online cheap airline ticket sites give such kind of savings?

The answer is simple really. Online cheap airline tickets sites get their tickets from airline carriers by buying them wholesale. As you may know wholesale price is bargain price. So when they offer it online, you can see that the price is relatively lower than the regular price. Some cheap airline ticket sites include Travelocity, Expedia, Previewtravel, Thetrip, Hotwire, and Webflyer.. These are some of the sites that are popular and have a good trackrecord for selling airline tickets.

Airline companies also make use of the internet to send their services in giving their costumers quick access on the special offers and flight schedules. Using such technology you can have quick access to night and day schedules and its respective prices. You are probably aware that flying during off-hours is cheaper than flying in the morning, or flying during weekdays is cheaper than flying during weekends. Checking flight schedules are also one of the most effective way of getting a cheap airline ticket.

Remember that all airline companies don’t have the same airline ticket prices. Big airline companies usually charge more than smaller companies. I suggest that you visit and check the prices of the smaller airline companies and you might get a cheap airline with more or less the same quality of service.

Travel agents also are using the internet for looking for cheap airline ticket. Their sites are often convenient for people who have no time going treasure hunting with cheap airline ticket. Visiting such travel agent will give you an idea where to get those cheap airline ticket. Also this travel agents know a lot of industry secrets, they may have knowledge where to look and where to get a cheaper airline ticket. Travel agents are also advantageous for they give you more options. Travel agents online often give packages (an all in one travel package), special offers, and package deals. Plus if you are traveling for a vacation, they can help you a lot and you’ll have less worries for they will take care everything you need including car rentals, hotel accommodation, and your itineraries.

These 3 strategies will help you a lot in buying cheap airline tickets. So whether you try one or all of them. I will guarantee you that you will have a cheaper airline ticket for you travel.

South Ari Atoll Has Some Of The Best Maldives Accommodation

When it comes to deciding the best atoll to have a luxury holiday in the Maldives, then South Ari Atoll takes a lot of beating, with some of the top Maldives Luxury Hotels and Maldives Accommodation to be found, as well as some of the best diving and watersports.

The South Ari Atoll lies immediately south of the North Ari Atoll and west to south west of the airport.

Bearing in mind that this area was the second Atoll in the Maldives to venture into tourism, the island resorts here seem as unspoilt as the day they were built. A wonderful place to dive, snorkel or swim in the crystal clear turquoise water. To enjoy the wonderful multicoloured marine life, perhaps just lie on a powder white sand beach, or be energetic and windsurf, or play tennis, or volleyball.

Whatever you choose to do in the South Ari Atoll, you will feel a thousand miles from anywhere, and the top Maldives Luxury Hotels includes the following selection.

Angaga Island Resort and Spa is a 4 star hotel with 70 rooms, which is 85 Km from the airport, and reached by a 25 transfer in a sea plane.

Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa is a 5 star deluxe hotel with 150 villas, and is 90 Km from the airport, and reached by a 30 minute flight by seaplane.

Holiday Island Resort is a 4 star hotel with 142 rooms, and is 97 Km from the airport, and you can transfer by speedboat in 2hours 30 minutes, or by sea plane in 35 minutes.

Lily Beach Resort is a 4 star hotel with 95 rooms, and is 80 Km from the airport, and a sea plane transfer will take 25 minutes.

Mirihi Island Resort is a 5 star hotel with 36 rooms, and is 85 Km from the airport, and a sea plane transfer will take 30 minutes.

Ranveli Village is a 3 star hotel with 56 rooms, and is 77 Km from the airport, and a sea plane transfer will take 30 minutes.

Sun Island Resort and Spa is a 5 star hotel with 350 rooms, and is 99 Km from the airport, and a sea plane transfer will take 35 minutes, or 160 minutes by speedboat.

Vakarufalhi Island Resort is a 4 star hotel with 50 rooms, and is 90 Km from the airport, and a sea plane transfer will take 25 minutes.

Vilamendhoo Island Resort is a 4 star hotel with 141rooms, and is 82 Km from the airport, and a sea plane transfer will take 25 minutes.

White Sands Resort & Spa is a 5 star hotel with 141 rooms, and is 104 Km from the airport, and a sea plane transfer will take 30 minutes.

When you come to choose your luxury holiday in the Maldives, then the South Ari Atoll Maldives accommodation takes a lot of beating, however many hotels require a sea plane flight, or a long transfer by speed boat after a long flight. If you are prepared for this, then you will be able to enjoy some of the best beaches, lagoons and Maldives luxury hotels here.

The Ice Cold Snow Festival In Japan

In the coldest month of the year, the hottest ticket in Japan, and maybe the entire world, is for the Sapporo Snow festival on Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. More than two million visitors from around the world descend on. Hokkaido’s capital to watch it transformed into the glistening, glittering, and gleaming world of a frozen fairyland.

For a week each February, the skyscrapers of Sapporo become upstaged by edifices and statues of frozen snow forming a second city in Odori Park and the streets at their feet. Ice sculptures of the past have depicted everything from ancient Japanese temples, samurais, and dragons to contemporary athletes, ice maidens, political figures, and fifty-foot high dinosaurs.

The current Snow Festival is the descendant of a much smaller 1950 festival, the effort of a group of Sapporo high school students who built six snow statues in Odori Park and so impressed the park’s visitors that the tradition continued. Five years later, the Japan Self-Defense Forces housed at Makomanai base introduced, as a training exercise, the technique for building the enormous snow sculptures typical of the Snow Festival today.

The Snow Festival Venues
Makomanai Base is now one of the three main venues for the Festival, and is the site of the biggest sculptures; the third site, where the ice carving competition is held, is in Sapporo’s Susukino district. During the 1972 Winter Olympic Games in Sapporo, the Snow Festival gained international acclaim, and the Snow Statue Competition began two years later.

The Snow Festival is truly a community effort, with citizen’s groups both creating ice sculptures and assisting tourists, especially the disabled. They also provide tourist information and act as interpreters for the flood of foreign guests. Hotel reservations for the Snow Festival should be made at least six months in advance.

Hotels near the Snow Festival
The Korakuen Hotel Sapporo offers four-star accommodations convenient to all of Sapporo’s parks and scenic areas, and is ideally situated for commercial travelers also you can stay at hotel in Tokyo or cheap villa in Okinawa.

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Romantic European Getaway


What makes a romantic vacation? For some people, it would be spending hours going on bicycle rides while others prefer to go hiking. It’s all about personal preferences. Going on a romantic European getaway may be your chance to create lasting memories with your special someone. No matter what your taste is, you will surely find the perfect destination where you can have the most romantic vacation ever.

You can go hiking in Switzerland’s alpine glacier or you can also try the hut-to-hut hike in Scandinavia. You can also find several long-distance routes along the borders of Sweden and Norway. If you want to hike or bike, you will be satisfied with the 200 kilometers distance.

Couples who want to see the rich people and the famous celebrities can go to Riviera because it serves as their playground. If you like sand and beaches, you can visit the Mediterranean or you can try Cyprus Larnaca and Sicily’s Taormina. Aside from those places, you can try Aeolian Islands (Lipari) and the tiny Gozo of Malta.

There are guided tours that explore various regions of Europe. The tours also differ from one another since some tours lasts for a couple of days to a few weeks but there are also tours which can last for about a month (especially the ones that explore the different parts of the continent). Longer tours are costly as compared to the shorter tours. Specialized tours are also offered to cater to the tourists’ various interests. There are walking tours, hiking tours, castle tours, and many others. With the experienced operators, you will be in safe hands.

Travelers who want to mingle with the local residents can stay in the inns. The rates already include breakfast and the beds. You will also learn about the local culture and customs.

In Europe, it’s not just all railway or air travel. You can also enjoy bus rides and luxury yachts. The yachts usually travel from Danube, Po, and Rhine. This is usually done from the months of March until October. There are also organized river cruises which are leisurely slow for utmost sightseeing.

You can even bring home excellent souvenirs like:

Porcelain and lace – Austria, Demark, Malta, and Spain
Chocolate – Belgium, Switzerland
Crystal – Belgium, Netherlands, and Finland
Pewter – Finland
Music boxes and cameras – Germany
Pottery and wood carvings – Greece
Clothing and leather – Italy
Delft porcelain – Netherlands
Glassware and ski wear – Norway
Wrought iron and port wine – Portugal
Glass and furniture – Sweden
Cheese and watches – Switzerland

You should also be aware that most European restaurants charges to the bill directly and so you must check so that you may be able to give additional tip. Trains in Europe head off in different directions so you need to ensure that you board the correct train journey or car.

If you plan to visit cathedrals, you need to wear conservatively and avoid wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts. For those who don’t want to experience jet lag, try to avoid taking a nap and instead, get enough sunshine.

You will surely have the grandest vacation ever once you thoroughly plan your romantic European getaway. Europe is rich in culture and history which is responsible for the romantic atmosphere. You can find this atmosphere in other continents. If you’re planning to spend a vacation with your love one, choose accomodation in Europe countries.

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Traveling To Torrevieja From The Alicante Airport

Torrevieja, Spain is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the province of Alicante. It is about thirty miles south of the city of Alicante within the area of Spain known as the Costa Blanca, or “The White Coast.” Torrevieja and Pilar de la Horadada are in the most southern tip of the Alicante province before you enter the province of Murcia. The nearest airport to Torrevieja is the Alicante International Airport, or called the Altet, which is the main hotels by airport for this area. It has great flights from all over the world, and especially for those flying in from England. If you were to use car hire services once you arrive at the airport, reaching your hotel or accommodation in Torrevieja should only take you about thirty minutes. The highway N-332 heading south will take you to the city, but if you prefer not to drive there are busses available to take you to Torrevieja as well as other towns and cities. Some hotels even offer an airport pick-up service. Of course, the taxi is always an option if you prefer not to drive yet still want to enjoy the scenery on the way to your hotel.

Leaving Torrevieja on the highway C-332, you will find that you are heading toward the Natural Park of the Lagoons of the Mata. If you want to visit this park, it is highly recommended that you get information and book a date to visit in advance since only thirty-five people are allowed at a time. The most interesting fauna are the birds such as the stone curlew, diving birds, storks, eagles and avocets. Salt baths, which became popular in the 19th century, are another great treat you can partake in while at the park. They are recommended for some illnesses such as arthritis as well as skin diseases.

Though Torrevieja itself has a lot to offer and plenty to do, it is also well worth your time to take an excursion up the Costa Blanca and visit Santa Pola outside of Alicante. You can then travel to Benidorm for a day of theme parks, or to the towns of Altea and Javea. Of course, you cannot miss the beautiful beaches of the Costa Blanca. Enjoy a day soaking up the sun, enjoying the warm water and beautiful surroundings at Torrevieja and so many other cities along Spain’s eastern coastline. Make the most of your vacation experience.