Romantic European Getaway


What makes a romantic vacation? For some people, it would be spending hours going on bicycle rides while others prefer to go hiking. It’s all about personal preferences. Going on a romantic European getaway may be your chance to create lasting memories with your special someone. No matter what your taste is, you will surely find the perfect destination where you can have the most romantic vacation ever.

You can go hiking in Switzerland’s alpine glacier or you can also try the hut-to-hut hike in Scandinavia. You can also find several long-distance routes along the borders of Sweden and Norway. If you want to hike or bike, you will be satisfied with the 200 kilometers distance.

Couples who want to see the rich people and the famous celebrities can go to Riviera because it serves as their playground. If you like sand and beaches, you can visit the Mediterranean or you can try Cyprus Larnaca and Sicily’s Taormina. Aside from those places, you can try Aeolian Islands (Lipari) and the tiny Gozo of Malta.

There are guided tours that explore various regions of Europe. The tours also differ from one another since some tours lasts for a couple of days to a few weeks but there are also tours which can last for about a month (especially the ones that explore the different parts of the continent). Longer tours are costly as compared to the shorter tours. Specialized tours are also offered to cater to the tourists’ various interests. There are walking tours, hiking tours, castle tours, and many others. With the experienced operators, you will be in safe hands.

Travelers who want to mingle with the local residents can stay in the inns. The rates already include breakfast and the beds. You will also learn about the local culture and customs.

In Europe, it’s not just all railway or air travel. You can also enjoy bus rides and luxury yachts. The yachts usually travel from Danube, Po, and Rhine. This is usually done from the months of March until October. There are also organized river cruises which are leisurely slow for utmost sightseeing.

You can even bring home excellent souvenirs like:

Porcelain and lace – Austria, Demark, Malta, and Spain
Chocolate – Belgium, Switzerland
Crystal – Belgium, Netherlands, and Finland
Pewter – Finland
Music boxes and cameras – Germany
Pottery and wood carvings – Greece
Clothing and leather – Italy
Delft porcelain – Netherlands
Glassware and ski wear – Norway
Wrought iron and port wine – Portugal
Glass and furniture – Sweden
Cheese and watches – Switzerland

You should also be aware that most European restaurants charges to the bill directly and so you must check so that you may be able to give additional tip. Trains in Europe head off in different directions so you need to ensure that you board the correct train journey or car.

If you plan to visit cathedrals, you need to wear conservatively and avoid wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts. For those who don’t want to experience jet lag, try to avoid taking a nap and instead, get enough sunshine.

You will surely have the grandest vacation ever once you thoroughly plan your romantic European getaway. Europe is rich in culture and history which is responsible for the romantic atmosphere. You can find this atmosphere in other continents. If you’re planning to spend a vacation with your love one, choose accomodation in Europe countries.

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